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What is ThermaFreeze®?

ThermaFreeze is a very unique hydratable ice pack that has many many different usage applications!

ThermaFreeze Gel Packs

ThermaFreeze gel packs are a new and superior way to keep items cool, whether you are shipping them or storing them. The system relies on gel cells that expand when you soak the sheets in water. Once the cells have been hydrated, you can freeze the sheets and have flexible, lightweight and drip free cooling. Before they are hydrated, ThermaFreeze sheets are approximately the size and weight of paper, so they aren't bulky or cumbersome to store.

Hydrating ThermaFreeze is a simple process, and it can be done in either a sink, casserole pan or other convenient container. Simply allow the sheet to soak in water for a short time, and massaging the cells or using warm water can speed up the process. Once the sheets are hydrated, you simply pat them dry and then freeze them. Once they are completely frozen, they will provide flexible and leak free cooling. For best performance, allow sheets to freeze overnight.

Not only is ThermaFreeze easy to use, it is also very eco-friendly. Along with being able to be used multiple times, this product can also reduce freight and shipping costs. When you use ThermaFreeze dry gel packs to cool a shipment, you can save water because you aren't making ice, and you are also eliminating the weight that ice can add to shipping.

The dry gel pack alternative to ice and ice substitutes.

It is unique in that it is flexible when frozen, so it fits the curvature of the product being chilled or the body part needing relief. Offering a refrigeration temperature far superior to traditional gel pack products, does not leak and is eco friendly.

ThermaFreeze is manufactured in flat dry sheets that expand when hydrated allowing it to be stored more efficiently, freeing up valuable storage, cabinet or freezer space.

ThermaFreeze helps keep payloads within a designated critical temperature range over a specified transit time provided by the shipper. It provides more even cooling and substantially reduces the carbon footprint with a substantial reduction of inbound freight cost.

Preparation Instructions: Hydrate, Dry then Freeze.

Cut to the Size! Flexible When Frozen! Reusable!

ThermaFreeze is a hands on type of product that needs a small amount of preparation before it is ready to use. Place your ThermaFreeze sheet in water to start the hydration. You will notice the individual cells start expanding and filling up. You may assist with the absorption by lightly massaging the cells with your hands. Using warm water will hydrate the cells faster.

Preparing large amounts of ThermaFreeze:
Fill up a cooler, sink, tub or container with water. Submerge the multiple sheets of ThermaFreeze, let them do their thing and check back in a few minutes. Take out the fully hydrated sheets, hang them to air dry or pat dry with a towel.. Now all that is left to place them in the freezer until frozen solid.

Freezing time will vary depending on the power and the contents of your freezer.
For optimal performance, we recommend fully hydrating and freezing overnight.

Think of all the unnecessary water weight that doesn't need to be shipped!

Made Locally & Shipped Globally