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Sports Therapy & ThermaFreeze

ThermaFreeze and Sports Therapy


Performance Enhancement and Preventive Therapy:

Professional athletes often ice before and after events and workouts to maximize their performance. That is because cold compression has been found to reduce the risk of injury and tissue damage when applied before stressful activity, as well as advancing muscular recovery after a strenuous workout.

ThermaFreeze - Cold Compression Therapy (CCT) is the perfect pre and post-workout companion!

Because ThermaFreeze is flexible, our compression wraps conveniently allow for Cold Compression Therapy CCT) to begin - even if you’re still in motion! ThermaFreeze CCT is also used for general muscle and joint strain due to repetitive activity by providing relief from swelling, pain and inflammation while helping to reduce the risk of injuries (recurring or new) in these areas.


Sprains, strians, pulls or spasms?

Injuries are likely to occur during strenuous activity. Reduce pain and swelling while accelerating your recovery with ThermaFreeze Cold Compression Therapy! Physical therapists agree, cold compression is necessary for a speedy recovery from a sports or activity-related injury. ThermaFreeze CCT combines two components of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) to help alleviate pain and reduce swelling from an injury. Also recommended by orthopedic surgeons following surgery, cold compression therapy aids recovery in many different stages of rehabilitation.


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ThermaFreeze, The Ultimate Reusable Ice Solution!

With ThermaFreeze, you can be sure that it is:

- Uses 100% non-toxic materials and is compliant with FDA standards.

Longer Lasting
- ThermaFreeze is guaranteed to stay cold several hours longer than regular ice and gel packs.

Environmentally-friendly and Cost-effective
- ThermaFreeze is reusable for maximum savings and value, and ThermaFreeze offers private label options that can also be used to advertise your products and business!

- no watery mess; ThermaFreeze sheets can be stored flat and dry, once hydrated ThermaFreeze freezes faster than ice, and can be rehydrated in as little as one minute for the next use.

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