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We offer the highest quality, hydratable, flexible ice substitute available today.

That is why we can say:

ThermaFreeze® is the ultimate reusable ice solution.

Cost efficient and eco-friendly, ThermaFreeze can be used for a wide range of applications - from commercial to recreational, medical to therapeutic. We use a proprietary blend of materials to achieve the fastest hydrating, strongest, most flexible and most efficient hydratable ice pack in the world. ThermaFreeze serves a wide variety of personal use, commercial and medical applications.

Industrial Rolls - Cut to Size Ice Packs for Perishable Shipping
Frozen Flexible Ice Packs
Four Ounce Gel Packs Lasts Longer
Flexible Comfortable Wraps for after Training
Cold Packs for Personal Use such as Packed Lunch Boxes
Custom Order Ice Packs Available

ThermaFreeze (TF):

  • TF endures 100’s of freezing / use cycles!
  • TF is rated at hundreds of pounds per sheet, based on the number of times they can be reused
  • TF is quality tested to 150+ pounds of burst-strength per cube.* (That’s like parking a car on a single 6x4 sheet - amazing!)
  • TF is conveniently stored and saves on inbound freight costs!
  • TF freezes through faster than regular gel packs!
  • TF can be cut to size and hydrated as needed!
  • TF is flexible even when frozen!
  • TF will wrap completely around a payload, even heavy items!

*Regular loads are recommended to stay at or below 100 lbs per Cube in final configuration.

ThermaFreeze is guaranteed:

  • High-quality - made only from high-grade materials
  • Reusable, long lasting and durable - designed to last even in rigorous conditions
  • 100% safe and non-toxic
  • Environment-friendly and cost-effective
  • Convenient - rapid refreezing ability; say goodbye to drips and watery messes
  • Manufactured in the USA - Made locally, shipped Globally

ThermaFreeze Original products consist of 4 materials:

  • 3 film layers and a specialized absorbent.
  • The first layer is Therma-Print, the printed plastic film, that performs as an impervious backing layer.
  • The second layer, sealed to the backing layer is a non-woven filter style media. There is a food-safe Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) contained between these two layers. The filter media allows the water to enter the cube to be absorbed by the SAP, thereby turning into a hydro-gel. Once in that state, it is too thick to pass back through the filter media, and becomes a Therma-Cube.
  • The third layer is a soft, apertured film called Therma-Guard. Therma-Guard is a comfort layer, also performing a valving action and providing insulating characteristics. The Therma-Guard is built right into ThermaFreeze, opposite the printed plastic film side. Because this side has an “Insulation factor”, there is a temperature difference of 10° - 15° F between the sides of ThermaFreeze.

Need a specialized solution or larger volumes?