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Perishable Shipping

Perishable Shipping Information

We have assisted many of our customers in developing customized solutions for a variety of different applications.

Requirements for ThermaFreeze will vary by application and we do offer in-house testing services, to provide our clients the best solution for their specific application.

We typically advise complete coverage by wrapping the product as entirely as possible or by lining the container with ThermaFreeze and placing ThermaFreeze between layers, if possible. This is to provide the maximum refrigerant necessary to ensure proper temperature during transport.

Nearly every shipping application will have different scenarios and different requirements.

Because of the unique flexible nature of ThermaFreeze, products and goods (your “payload”) may be wrapped and entirely surrounded by ThermaFreeze refrigerant. THIS enables ThermaFreeze to be more effective at keeping the entire payload consistently colder than other forms of traditional refrigerants.

Perishable shipping is a fantastic application for ThermaFreeze.

ThermaFreeze is a phase change material. This means that while in use, ThermaFreeze goes through a transformation from one thermodynamic phase, or state, to another by heat transfer. Phase changes are a process many of us observe on a regular basis, such as when we see ice melt (solid to liquid at 0°C) or steam rise from boiling water (liquid to gas at 100°C). ThermaFreeze goes through its phase change at just below 0°C (or 32°F). This phasing point is the temperature ThermaFreeze will hold steady for the longest duration, making ThermaFreeze the “Ultimate Reusable Ice Solution”.

The duration of stable shipping conditions can vary and is largely dependent on application requirements and other variables such as:

  • Type of payload.

    Because of things like payload weight and density, shipping a dense product like cheddar cheese will vary significantly in application to a less dense, spaced out product such as chocolate truffles.
  • Transit conditions and duration.

    More ThermaFreeze will be necessary in the heat of summer than may be needed for winter-time shipments. Longer duration transit times may also require a higher volume of refrigerant and better payload insulation.
  • Starting temperature.

    Packaging warm goods to ship refrigerated only works against your refrigerant. When packaging, your goods need to be at the correct temperature throughout before starting to preserve the integrity of your overall payload and extend your shipping window.
  • Temperature windows.

    The temperature window required by your application may be in a narrow or wide window, and may be above or below freezing. This factor will make a large impact on how the package must be prepared.
  • Quantity and arrangement of refrigerant used.

    Determining the correct amount of ThermaFreeze required for different scenarios is important. A higher volume of refrigerant should be placed at the top of the container. This is because hot air travels up, as cold air flows downward, and the top of your package is most likely to receive direct sunlight.
  • Insulation.

    The type and amount of insulation is key to success in any shipping environment. This barrier is what protects your valuable payload from direct contact with the external environment.
  • Dead air space.

    Any unused space robs your cooling potential, making a small tightly packaged container more effective and efficient than a larger container with loosely packed items. Filling voids with more ThermaFreeze is recommended but may also be achieved with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, crinkle paper or the like.
  • Air tight packaging.

    Air tight packaging is required for consistent results, which is impossible with dry ice due to risk of explosion. Keep in mind, shipping internationally or carrying goods on an airplane may involve customs and/or inspections. If this occurs, your payload must be prepared for this kind of thermal shock.

ThermaFreeze, The Ultimate Reusable Ice Solution!

With ThermaFreeze, you can be sure that it is:

- Uses 100% non-toxic materials and is compliant with FDA standards.

Longer Lasting
- ThermaFreeze is guaranteed to stay cold several hours longer than regular ice and gel packs.

Environmentally-friendly and Cost-effective
- ThermaFreeze is reusable for maximum savings and value, and ThermaFreeze offers private label options that can also be used to advertise your products and business!

- no watery mess; ThermaFreeze sheets can be stored flat and dry, once hydrated ThermaFreeze freezes faster than ice, and can be rehydrated in as little as one minute for the next use.

Need a specialized solution or larger volumes?