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ThermaFreeze and its Medical Applications

Wide Range of Uses

ThermaFreeze is used in a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical applications thanks to ThermaFreeze’s dual nature. ThermaFreeze is already a shipping solution provider for regular perishable items, so sensitive medical samples, devices and products can be safely transported as well. Making use of ThermaFreeze Cold Compression Therapy (CCT), is a proven system to aid rehabilitation and accelerate recovery for those suffering from injuries.

ThermaFreeze and the Medical World

ThermaFreeze is “The Ultimate Reusable Ice Solution” and can be used by medical professionals and their patients alike for:

  • Use in post-surgical procedures and postoperative care for restoring mobility and strength more quickly
  • Relief after Dental, Cosmetic, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy
  • Hot flashes
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Relief from aches, pains, sprains and inflammation, as well as from bruising and swelling caused by any type of injury, and in hastening the healing process
  • Relief from puffy eyes and tired eyes
  • Use in alleviating headaches, and clogged sinuses caused by allergies and colds
  • First-aid treatment for trauma and burns
  • Weight-loss potential

Shipping Sensitive Medical Items:

Because of the dual nature of ThermaFreeze (Duality) and our proven shipping capabilities, sensitive items such as insulin and tissue samples can be safely transported. The key to success in this environment is in arrangement and contact between your products and ThermaFreeze. Packaging these kinds of perishables toward the Therma-Guard will limit the direct transfer of the cold energy, preventing freezing but maintaining the temperatures needed. For more sensitive items, a secondary barrier such as bubble wrap may be utilized, keeping the ‘cold’ in the container but not in direct contact with the transported item. Using proper application methods, a wide range of shipping applications exist including:

  • Tissue samples
  • Blood samples
  • Pathology samples
  • Cultures
  • Live specimens (such as larvae)
  • Antibiotics
  • Insulin
  • Medical Devices
  • And more!


ThermaFreeze has two sides:

1. The PLASTIC FILM, printed side
(plastic side)
Therma-Print Side
This side is where the greatest amount of thermal energy is directly transferable, allowing for direct contact with the extreme cold, providing the lowest possible temperature of ThermaFreeze. Because the operating temperature of ThermaFreeze may fall beneath safe handling temperatures, direct skin contact or contact with sensitive payloads must be handled carefully by using gloves or adequate insulation.

2. The Therma-Guard side
(soft fabric side)
Therma-Guard Side
On this side the “insulation factor” is built right into ThermaFreeze. Because this side has an “Insulation factor”, there is a temperature difference of 10° - 15° F between the Therma-Print and Therma-Guard sides of ThermaFreeze.

The functionality and use of ThermaFreeze goes beyond coolers and cold chain shipping. As you may know, ThermaFreeze has two sides. The printed plastic side allows for direct contact with the extreme cold of ThermaFreeze. Because the temperature of ThermaFreeze will fall beneath safe handling temperatures, direct skin contact or contact with sensitive payloads must be insulated. This “insulation” is built right in to ThermaFreeze and is a function of the Therma-Guard (the soft side) opposite the printed film.

Direct Application:
Personal Therapy, Recovery and Rehabilitation

ThermaFreeze Cold Compression Therapy (CCT) combines the incredible power of ThermaFreeze with our Wrap Systems to ensure that the damaged tissues beneath the surface of the skin receives adequate cold therapy. ThermaFreeze wraps utilize a mesh insert between the ThermaFreeze and the skin, acting as a barrier allowing the COLD to provide therapy while not overexposing your skin to possible ‘frostbite’, and protecting from further damage.

Compression is another very important part of ThermaFreeze CCT Wrap Systems. ThermaFreeze CCT relieves pain, while reducing the amount of inflammation to the injured area. The Wrap System gives you the option, by use of the elastic velcro straps, to adjust the amount of compression you want to have on the injured area. These things combined may decrease your overall recovery time. With ThermaFreeze CCT Wrap Systems, you can continue to be active as you are receiving therapy, increasing your recuperation time and allowing a greater number of treatment opportunities! With ThermaFreeze CCT Wrap Systems, you can be assured of excellent quality, maximum mobility, rapid freezing ability, comfort, the ability to adjust the amount of compression and reusability - really making ThermaFreeze a ‘must have’ for everyone’s treatment and therapy regimen.

ThermaFreeze, The Ultimate Reusable Ice Solution!

With ThermaFreeze, you can be sure that it is:

- Uses 100% non-toxic materials and is compliant with FDA standards.

Longer Lasting
- ThermaFreeze is guaranteed to stay cold several hours longer than regular ice and gel packs.

Environmentally-friendly and Cost-effective
- ThermaFreeze is reusable for maximum savings and value, and ThermaFreeze offers private label options that can also be used to advertise your products and business!

- no watery mess; ThermaFreeze sheets can be stored flat and dry, once hydrated ThermaFreeze freezes faster than ice, and can be rehydrated in as little as one minute for the next use.

Need a specialized solution or larger volumes?