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Our product is rather easy to prepare and use. The basics of this process are:

Cut to size.

Most ThermaFreeze can be provided pre-cut for most applications. When needing a smaller size or oddly shaped sheet of ThermaFreeze, cut carefully in the sealed area. Do not puncture or cut into the cubes. Damaged cubes may be cut away and removed.


    -Submerge the soft Therma-Guard side into clean water and allow to soak. Warm water works faster.
    -Squeeze the air from the ThermaFreeze to hydrate faster.
    -Once the Therma-Cubes have expanded completely, remove them from the water


    -Wring off, pat dry or air dry to avoid freezing together
    -Lay the ThermaFreeze sheet into the freezer with the Therma-Print (printed plastic) side down.
    -Single layers spread out in your freezer will freeze more quickly than sheets stacked on top of each other.

  • USE

    -Remove from the freezer. Most sheets can freeze in just a few hours. We recommend a 24 hour period to get maximum performance. The sheets can be used almost anywhere* you would usually use traditional ice or gel packs. Perishable Shipping, Cold Compression Therapy, and Coolers are popular uses.
    -Place the Therma-Print side toward goods for maximum cooling, or the Therma-Guard side toward sensitive items like medication or when used for therapy. (See Duality)

  • RE-USE

    -Once your ThermaFreeze is thawed or after use, simply place back in your freezer to prepare for use again!

*Do not use ThermaFreeze in a drink or beverage.