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Equestrian Industry

Horses need ThermaFreeze as much as people do!

Whether it’s for cooling off after a workout or for therapy after an injury, ThermaFreeze has a customized solution for your horses.

ThermaFreeze Cold Compression Therapy & Equine Wrap Systems:

Designed to conform to your horse's leg to provide Cold and Compression Therapy (CCT), the ThermaFreeze CCT Equine Wrap Systems are flexible and easy to use. The polyester nylon and terry-cloth wrap has an opening in which a frozen ThermaFreeze ice sheet can be inserted. By having ThermaFreeze positioned with the Therma-Print (see Duality) facing the horse’s leg, this will provide the horse the best opportunity to help reduce swelling and soreness from injury or overexertion*. ThermaFreeze Equine Wrap Systems are durable, comfortable, easy to use and have the ability to offer compression during Cold Therapy. The elastic straps can be adjusted to fit the horse’s leg, and are capable of providing compression with or without ThermaFreeze Cold Therapy.

Therma-Wraps Equine

ThermaFreeze Equine Wraps Systems Offer:

  • Mobility- even during treatment. The flexible nature of ThermaFreeze allows for some mobility while the Cold Compression Therapy is applied.
  • Performance- Ride harder, Play longer and Recover faster!
  • Reduce risk of injury and recurrence- by using ThermaFreeze Equine Wrap Systems regularly before and after strenuous activities.
  • Ease of use-From preparation to application, using a ThermaFreeze Equine Wrap Systems are easier than most other options. For reuse, you can simply place the entire Equine Wrap System back into the Freezer until it is needed for another treatment**.

Incase of Injury:

When a horse injures a leg, many times the first - and best - course of action is to cool the area as quickly as possible, using cold water or ice therapy. Your immediate goal is to try to reduce inflammation and swelling in order to minimize tissue damage and speed the healing process. ThermaFreeze (CCT) Equine Wrap System slows down the inflammatory process by decreasing blood flow while slowing the metabolism of the surrounding tissue, so it is less likely to suffer damage from swelling and constriction.

ThermaFreeze CCT Equine Wrap Systems helps by:

  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Reducing Swelling
  • Dissipating Heat
  • Alleviating Pain
  • Slowing Bleeding to the Injured Area
  • Reducing 'Scar Tissue' Buildup

ThermaFreeze CCT Equine Wrap Systems can also improve a variety of conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Sore Muscles
  • Aches, pains and sprians
  • Soreness from pre-existing conditions and injuries

ThermaFreeze Blankets:

ThermaFreeze offers a Cooling Blanket that is approximately 35” x 95”, an easy way to cool off after a hot day or intense workout. The Cooling Blanket can be placed or draped over the horse’s back, providing immediate relief to a large area in a very short period of time bringing their temperature down and cooling them off. ThermaFreeze Cooling Blankets are NOT recommended to be applied directly to the back of the horse without the use of a vapor barrier - such as a towel or thin blanket. If the skin around the application area is sensitive, then the use of a thicker blanket is recommended, or that area should NOT be exposed to this treatment.*

Horse Heat Stroke and Exhaustion: ThermaFreeze Cooling Blanket can aid in cooling your horse any time and may also prove very valuable in extremely hot conditions and situations. A horse asked to perform strenuous exercise, often is pushed to the limits of his or her’s body's mechanisms to then recover. In most cases, these mechanisms allow the horse to finish the exercise with no problem. Sometimes, however, the horse's ability to recover may be inadequate and will result in possible heat stroke or exhaustion. This means that more than one organ system might stop functioning properly, such as the muscles, kidneys, central nervous system, or clotting system. Without prompt intervention the horse might suffer irreversible damage. With prompt application of a frozen ThermaFreeze Cooling Blanket you can minimize the risk of injury and potentially avoid serious damage.

Because of the size of the Cooling Blanket, preparation may require a little more effort than regular ThermaFreeze sheets. Most stables have water troughs that can be used to hydrate the blanket. Once hydrated in this fashion, the ThermaFreeze may no longer be fit for food contact but will be perfectly acceptable if used as recommended in treating the horse. Be sure to thoroughly dry ThermaFreeze Cooling Blankets to prevent sticking! Freezing the Cooling Blanket may require a technique such as Z folding (like an accordion) to be able to fit into your freezer and may take longer to freeze than regularly used ThermaFreeze sheets because of its size. ThermaFreeze sheets normally require a 24 hour period in a freezer prior to use. In this case, 24 to 48 hours might be required, depending on the temperature of the freezer being used and the desired temperature of the Cooling Blanket. In some situations, totally frozen is not necessary, instead having the Cooling Blanket at a resting temperature that is below 40°F will offer effective cooling for the horse. This is something that you should always discuss with your veterinarian prior to use.

*Although horses are very resistant to frostbite, good animal husbandry and common-sense techniques should be employed to prevent frostbite - such as making sure there is a barrier, like a towel, thin blanket or cloth between the horse's skin and the Cooling Blanket, is recommended. The practices that we chose when treating a person, should be considered when treating the horse. Over exposure to cold therapy directly to the skin is not recommended. Some users have noted that by utilizing the Therma-Guard (see Duality) facing the skin while using the Equine Wrap System or the Cooling Blanket and different application techniques, no additional layering may be necessary unless the skin around the application area is sensitive. This is something that you should always discuss with your veterinarian prior to use.

**If it is clean enough for re-use. These wraps, separately, are machine washable. Please remove your ThermaFreeze BEFORE washing the wraps!

If you have any concerns, please contact your veterinarian prior to using these items.

ThermaFreeze, The Ultimate Reusable Ice Solution!

With ThermaFreeze, you can be sure that it is:

- Uses 100% non-toxic materials and is compliant with FDA standards.

Longer Lasting
- ThermaFreeze is guaranteed to stay cold several hours longer than regular ice and gel packs.

Environmentally-friendly and Cost-effective
- ThermaFreeze is reusable for maximum savings and value, and ThermaFreeze offers private label options that can also be used to advertise your products and business!

- no watery mess; ThermaFreeze sheets can be stored flat and dry, once hydrated ThermaFreeze freezes faster than ice, and can be rehydrated in as little as one minute for the next use.

Need a specialized solution or larger volumes?