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Knee Ice Packs

Knee wraps can provide fast and efficient relief from swollen and painful knees, for reoccurring injuries to the ACL, knee cap, meniscus and for other knee injuries. They are designed to provide targeted comfort and relief through icing and compression without the inconvenience of messy ice and burning sensations caused by direct ice application.

How Ice Wraps Help

Swelling of the knees and knee sprains are one of the most common injuries in sports. Pain and swelling is usually caused by damage to the blood vessels, tissues and muscles. Damage to the blood vessels encourages the rush of blood and fluids into the affected knee area causing swelling and pain. Cold compression therapy with the use of knee ice wraps allow the constriction of blood vessels to slow down cell metabolism and slow down the buildup of excess blood and fluid.

Ordinary cold compress with ice usually creates a burning and numbing sensation - a feeling your brain interprets as pain.

Knee ice wraps can help get rid of this numbing sensation yet still provide your knee with the relief it needs. These knee wraps can deliver ice therapy with compression for highly effective pain relief. The cold is driven deeper into the knee tissue injured so that the pain dies down faster and the process of healing can proceed sooner.

Knee ice wraps are perfect for use in sports.

Simple apply a knee wrap after strenuous exercise or activity involving the knees to avoid swelling and pain. It is also ideal as first aid regimen for knee sprain and knee injury, and are then a must have for every sportsman. They are recommended by medical practitioners, sports trainers and physical therapists for use in any injury involving the knees.

ThermaFreeze offers you convenient ice wraps that are flexible, comfortable and gentle on the skin.

Along with ThermaFreeze ice packs, these wraps provide you at least 20 minutes of ice therapy and compression to help reduce knee pain and swelling. It can be applied directly onto the skin or over clothing without compromising effectiveness.

Make sure to use ThermaFreeze knee wraps for that well-deserved relief from knee pain and injury.