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Many Uses of Ice Packs

Ice packs are commonly found in homes today.

They are used for therapeutic and medical applications, but they are also functional for various household applications. Here are some of the most common uses of ice packs:

Ice Packs For Medical Applications

Medical ice packs are very useful both for emergency and non-emergency medical situations. They are immensely useful in providing relief from pain, swelling, bruising and inflammation caused by injuries. They are also effective in alleviating discomfort during post-operative care and dental extractions. Ice packs are also useful as first-aid treatment for burns and trauma. Ice packs allow muscles and blood vessels to constrict to allow quick relief from pain and allow overworked tissues to heal faster. Ice packs are also useful in transporting pathology samples and even organs for transplant purposes.

Ice Packs For Preserving Food

Ice packs can conveniently be used for preserving food, especially in situations where refrigeration is unavailable. Unlike using ice, water from melted ice packs does not mix with or contaminate the food being preserved. In terms of efficiency, it has been found that four ice packs provide the same refrigeration power as up to 20 pounds of ice.

Ice Packs For Sports

Ice packs can come in flexible wraps to provide relief from sports injuries. They are also oftentimes used by athletes and those who indulge in heavy physical work to provide relief from sore muscles and aches. They are used to alleviate pains caused by injuries incurred in sports such as football, baseball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, hockey, and many others.

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