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Cold Compress

Cold compress is one of the most important treatment and/or first aid method for pain and swelling caused by strenuous sports or activities or injury to the muscles or tissues. Cold compress is highly recommended for sprains, bruises, strains, pulled muscles and pulled ligaments or tendonitis. Cold compress is typically applied in the first 48 to 72 hours from the time the injury was incurred, or until the affected area is no longer red, inflamed, and warm or painful to the touch.

How does cold compress differ from simple ice therapy?

Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, ice compress or ice compression therapy is an advanced form of ice therapy. Cold compress combines the principles of ice and compression for reducing pain and swelling. Ice therapy can decrease pain by vasoconstriction (constriction of the blood vessels which can decrease bleeding and rushing of fluids to the injured area) and decreasing muscle spasms. Compression, on the other hand, allows the build-up of pressure in the affected tissues making the process of vasoconstriction faster and more effective. Compression can slow down the inflammatory process and can prevent excessive swelling.

ThermaFreeze for Your Cold Compress Needs

ThermaFreeze has developed for you high-quality, non-toxic, and reusable ice packs which are highly-effective in not only in ice therapy but in cold compress applications as well. ThermaFreeze ice packs are designed to conform well to the contours of your body to ensure efficient ice therapy and compression. These ice packs are light-weight and longer-lasting compared to other ice pack brands in the market today. They are designed to be pliant and flexible even when frozen, so they can mold perfectly onto the body part that needs cold compress. ThermaFreeze ice packs stay moist, but not wet so you don't have to go through those leaks, messes and drips as you do with ordinary ice. Unlike ice, ice packs by ThermaFreeze don't burn the skin so you can apply pressure on the affected area without causing your skin discomfort.

With the sheer usefulness of cold compress during those painful days and emergency situations, make sure you have these ice packs handy. And make sure to buy only the most trusted brand in ice packs - ThermaFreeze®.