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Flexible Ice Packs

Ice packs serve a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and medical uses.

They are used in preserving food, transporting perishables, providing relief from pain and swelling, and even in post-operative care. Because it is needed in a wide range of applications, innovations in ice packs have been initiated by many companies, one of which is the leading brand ThermaFreeze. ThermaFreeze ice packs have several innovative features - with flexibility being one of them.

Traditional way of refrigeration involves the use of ice and ice substitutes.

For first aid applications for instance, ice was directly applied or wrapped with a towel and applied onto the affected area. This usually results to uneven cooling on a limited area. The person performing the first aid treatment will have to go through the discomfort of trying to apply the cold compress evenly. If the pain sufferer himself is applying the ice therapy, think about the inconvenience of sitting inconveniently for 15 to 20 minutes in an awkward position just to reach the affected area. Not to mention the burning sensation, frequent trips to the freezer, and the leaks and mess to clean up afterwards.

On the other hand, in commercial applications, the occurrence of uneven cooling with ice and ordinary ice packs is a common problem. Since ice and most ice packs are stiff and non-pliant, only certain areas of products are cooled efficiently. Although this is not always an issue, even cooling is still preferred in commercial and industrial settings.

To respond to the need of consumers and industries alike, ThermaFreeze has developed an ice pack that is superior in terms of flexibility. These ice packs are flexible even when frozen to ensure efficient, even and convenient cooling. The flexibility of ThermaFreeze ice packs allows it to conform and mold onto the curves and contours of your body for cold compresses - be it in the feet, the shoulder, or the hand. It is also pliant enough to efficiently wrap food products or items that need refrigeration so they stay fresh much longer.

In summary, a flexible ice pack is superior in more ways than one. Why waste your time on the inconvenience of ice and inefficient rigid ice packs when you can get superior cooling with ice packs by ThermaFreeze?