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Convenience of Ice Packs

Gone are the days when our only option for cooling was ice.

The development of ice packs many years ago have made cooling with ice more convenient, and more innovations in the field has continued in the recent years. Today, we can now enjoy the utmost convenience of instant ice packs, also commonly called cold packs. These instant ice packs typically look like a plastic bag that is filled with a gel-like liquid. The cold pack is termed "instant" because once the sheet is hit, shaken or disturbed, it immediately get extremely cold and the low temperature gets retained for an extended time period.

The concept behind instant cold packs is scientific in nature. The liquid inside is typically water, and somewhere inside the bag is a tube or container that holds an ammonium nitrate or similar fertilizer. Disturbing the cold pack initiates the mixing of the liquid and the fertilizer, which is an endothermic reaction where heat is absorbed at a rapid pace. As a result of the reaction, temperature then falls rapidly and the ice pack stays cold for 10 to up to 20 minutes, depending on the ice pack's cooling power.

ThermaFreeze, a leading brand in ice packs.

What makes them superior to other ice pack brands is that ThermaFreeze ice packs do not involve the use of ammonium nitrate for the endothermic reaction to ensure. Instead, they have developed a product that is based on environmentally-friendly, natural, non-toxic and biodegradable materials. ThermaFreeze ice packs are not only safer, but easier to use and dispose of without harming the environment. They are safe to use with food (FDA Approved) and with different parts of the body, even during situations where the ice pack accidentally gets punctured.