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Sports Ice Packs

For serious sports, ice packs are indispensable items.

Ice therapy is very useful for athletes and those who frequently do strenuous physical activities. It is one of the oldest and most effective methods for pain relief and for alleviating muscle spasms.

During injuries, application of cold compress on the affected area is medically proven to reduce swelling and pain by constricting and slowing down the rush of blood and fluid in the affected area.

Although cold compress and ice therapy has been traditionally applied with ordinary ice alone (and a towel), there are now specialized cold compress that works much better, are more comfortable than ice and much easier to use. Thanks to innovations from leading ice pack producers like ThermaFreeze, sports enthusiasts now have an alternative to ice for cold therapy in the form of sports ice packs.

Sports ice packs by ThermaFreeze work much better because they have been designed to be thin and flexible so they can mold better to the curves and contours of the body. Whether you have an injured ankle joint or sore rotator cuff, a bruised thigh, a cramped leg or an aching back, these sports ice packs can provide relief without any compromise so you can heal and restore your strength back faster. ThermaFreeze packs are lighter and made of fine materials so they don't cause you discomfort or undue pressure.

ThermaFreeze cold compress packs are highly effective in reducing pain, swelling, inflammation, or bruising caused by any type of injury. They are ideal to use as first-aid treatment for trauma in contact sports, and unexpected accidents which are oftentimes unavoidable in certain sports activities. These ice packs can also be used to relieve headaches, treat puffy eyes, alleviate tired eyes, and for burns.

With ThermaFreeze Sports Ice Packs, you are assured of:

  • -High quality ice packs that are reusable many time again
  • -Highly-efficient, reliable sheets for emergency and non-emergency applications
  • -Ice packs that retain coolness longer than ordinary ice pack brands
  • -Convenient, lightweight, flexible cold packs that can provide a cold compress for relief.
  • -FDA-approved, non-toxic, safe and environment-friendly ice pack sheets