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Ice Sheets Therapy

Everyone is aware of the various benefits of ice therapy.

It is one of the most effective methods for pain relief, muscle tension relief and alleviation of swelling and burns. The benefits of ice therapy is further enhanced when paired with compression - a method called cold compress. Cold compression therapy is also a mainstay method used by medical practitioners and physical therapists.

Traditionally, cold compress is performed using ordinary ice or ice substitute wrapped onto a towel or cloth.

This method works at the very least, yet it causes unwanted discomfort on the patient. Pressing ice onto the skin may lead to burning sensations, not to mention the inconvenience of wetness and drips. Cold compresses due to ice also cause uneven cooling on the affected area.

Modern innovations in this area have made the development of Ice Sheets gel packs possible. Ice Sheets gel packs have been designed to rid of the problems of cold compression with ordinary ice. Ice Sheets are soft and flexible wrap-around sheets made of comfortable textile. The flexibility of a gel pack, along with its soft material allows it to mold into the contours and subtle curves of the skin on the injured area. Ice Sheets include pockets where gel packs can be inserted and where pressure can be applied for more efficient pain and swelling relief.

With an Ice Sheets, patients no longer have to bear with uneven cooling and uncomfortable pressure as with ordinary ice. The steady, even pressure applied with an Ice Sheets and ice-pack combination allows faster relief from injuries so patients can be free from pain and be on their way back to motility and strength in no time.

Ice Sheets are comfortable and reusable, and can be applied to almost any part of the body that is injured or overworked. They are highly effective in helping treat sprains, hand injuries, injuries on the knees, shoulders, elbows, as well as bruises, and muscle spasms. They are also effective for post-operative care to help speed up recovery from a surgical or cosmetic procedure.

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