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Benefits of ThermaFreeze®

ThermFreeze ice pads are the latest revolutionary innovation in cooling and refrigeration.

Like most other ice pack brands in the market today, ice pads by ThermFreeze also promise superior cooling power. But what benefits do ThermFreeze ice pads offer that other ice pack brands don't, and do they really perform better?

ThermaFreeze pads are based on a revolutionary cooling technology.

It makes use of non-toxic, biodegradable crystallized polymer capable of absorbing moisture and releasing it in a slow and gradual pace through a process called sublimation. This cooling effect lasts for a while without giving that uncomfortable wetness like in ordinary ice and ice substitutes. The revolutionary cooling technology used by ThermaFreeze is one of the most energy-efficient methods in the industry today.

Another distinct feature of ThermaFreeze ice pads is their superior flexibility.

They are fully flexible, pliant and moldable despite being fully frozen so they can perfectly fit into the curves and contours of the area being cooled for maximum thermal stability. For ice therapy, ThermFreeze pads mold fully into the body's delicate shape - whether it is your elbow, your shoulder or your ankle that needs ice application.

ThermaFreeze ice pads offer a cooling performance that is four times better than ordinary ice packs.

This superior performance can be enjoyed in ice therapy without the inconvenience of leaks, wet feeling and messes. The cooling power of ThermaFreeze ice pads is also particularly useful in commercial applications and in the transport of food and perishables.

The functionality of ThermFreeze ice pads makes ice virtually unnecessary.

ThermaFreeze ice packs are energy-efficient, reusable many times, highly effective, and can stay cold far longer than ice or any ice substitutes we know today. Make sure to have a few ThermFreeze ice packs handy for your lunch boxes and coolers. You would also need them for relief of painful sprains, bruises, and overworked muscles.