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Medical Ice Packs

The functionality and use of ThermaFreeze ice packs go beyond commercial and industrial purposes; ThermaFreeze has designed the most advanced Medical Ice Packs for use in a wide range of medical applications.

Ice cold therapy and cold compresses are mainstay principles for relief from pain caused by injuries. It is also particularly helpful in reducing post-operative bruising or swelling. Traditional means of applying cold packs were with the use of ordinary ice, gel-based ice packs, and dry ice. Although they worked in providing immediate relief, patients had to either deal with messy drips or spend much on ice packs which did not seem to last long.

To deal with the increasing demand for a quality, technologically-advanced ice pack, ThermaFreeze has developed these reusable, leak-free medical ice packs designed especially for medical applications. Cold therapy with ThermaFreeze ice packs can effectively to reduce swelling and pain by slowing down the flow of blood and other fluids into the affected area.

Ice packs by ThermaFreeze do exactly the same job as the traditional one, but they do the job better!

They are designed to be more comfortable and easier to use. They are designed to be gentle onto human skin and can mold better to the contours of the body. They do not put undue pressure on the skin and their contents are much lighter than ice.

ThermaFreeze ice packs can be used by medical professionals and patients alike for:

  • Use in post-surgical procedures and post-operative care for restoring mobility and strength more quickly
  • Relief from pain and inflammation, as well as from bruising and swelling caused by any type of injury, and in hastening the healing process
  • Relief from puffy eyes and tired eyes
  • Use in alleviating headaches, and clogged sinuses caused by allergies and colds
  • First-aid treatment for trauma and burns

Because they are from ThermaFreeze, you can be assured of excellent quality, maximum durability, rapid freezing ability and reusability. They are packaged in the right size for convenient storage in a trauma bag, first aid kit, or backpack. ThermaFreeze medical ice packs are must-haves for every medical institution and clinic, for every patient and medical practitioner, and for every home.