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Reusable Ice Packs

ThermaFreeze offers advanced reusable ice packs as excellent alternative to ice and ice substitutes.

Reusable ice packs from ThermaFreeze are uniquely-designed to provide utmost convenience and efficient cooling wherever needed. What makes ThermaFreeze ice packs superior to ice pack brands and ice substitutes?

ThermaFreeze are flexible and comfortable.

Unlike ordinary ice packs, ThermaFreeze ice packs are flexible even when frozen. Because of its superior flexibility, it can fit into the curves and contours of the item or product that needs chilling or the part of the body that needs ice therapy relief. The ice packs are covered with plastic on one side, and soft cloth on the other to provide comfort.

ThermaFreeze assures long-lasting coolness.

ThermaFreeze ice packs are superior in efficiency. A few ThermaFreeze ice packs can provide refrigeration power of 20 pounds of ice, making them more efficient not only than ice but ice substitutes and other ice pack brands.

ThermaFreeze sheets are convenient.

These ice packs can meet your every cooling need without causing drips, leaks and uncomfortable wetness. They provide cooling without becoming wet (they stay moist but never wet) so you can keep them on as long as necessary. They also don't drip like ice so they don't mix with the food or soak the product needing refrigeration. They are made from 100% non-toxic material to provide you safe cooling whenever and wherever necessary.

ThermaFreeze sheets are reusable.

The re-usability of ThermaFreeze makes them the best alternative to ice and ice substitutes. They can be stored dry into the freezer and because they are thin, they don't take up as much freezer space. Once these sheets are needed again, they can be manually hydrated, frozen for a few hours and reused accordingly.

ThermaFreeze ice packs can go into your lunch bags and coolers.

They serve as a wide range of commercial and medical uses. For your cooling and refrigeration needs, you can never go wrong with ice sheets by ThermaFreeze. Why waste and go through the inconveniences of ice and your inferior quality ice packs when you can go for the best with ThermaFreeze?