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Heat Wave Instant Reusable Hand Warmers and Heat Packs

Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs provide therapeutic heat therapy. Our hand warmers and heat packs are great for staying warm and pain relief. Heat Wave Instant Heat Packs are simply “heat in a click.” In a snap heat is on, it’s EZ Heat!! Instant Hand Warmers and Instant Reusable Heat Packs work as pocket hand warmers and portable instant heat therapy.

The Science Behind Heat Wave

Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs contain non-toxic sodium acetate, a salt-water solution that can generate heat up to 130 degrees (54C). This temperature can be reached in seconds as it transforms from a liquid to solid state. When the aluminum button of the activator is clicked, it creates a physical chain reaction causing the liquid to crystallize and generates heat. The heat is generated as the liquid converts to a solid.

This process is called an exothermic reaction. The sodium acetate inside the Heat Wave packs turns to solid (“freezes”) at 130 degrees, but stays in a liquid form at room temperature. When the activator is clicked, the friction causes a few molecules to react, creating a chain reaction. The energy released in the process is therapeutic heat.

When you boil the heat pack in its solid state, the crystals melt and will eventually turn into a liquid pack. These processes can be repeated over 500 times for your continued use.

Product Information
  • Place heat pack in rapidly boiling water until crystals completely dissolve
  • Wrap heat pack in cloth to prevent burning in the event that you forget about it
  • Remove heat pack and allow to cool to room temperature before next use
  • If heat pack crystallizes after boiling, re-boil until crystals are completely dissolved
  • Heat pack may cause skin irritation
  • Liquid contents may cause burns after boiling if leaking occurs
  • Use a tong style device to remove heat pack from boiling water
  • Over-boiling will cause damage to the heat pack
  • Do not place heat packs on your face until completely crystallized
  • Insulate heat packs to control heat
  • Do not microwave or store in freezer
In case of puncture or leaking
  • Immediately wash area with warm water
  • If contents leak onto clothes, simply wipe garment with a warm to hot cloth until contents are completely removed
ThermaFreeze Products Corporation is not responsible for personal injury from the misuse of this product.