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Ankle Ice Packs

Ankle pain and injury happens more often than we realize.

But thanks to ice packs designed specifically for application on the ankle, all kinds of ankle pain are now bearable. Ankle ice packs can provide comfort and relief of inflamed ankles and ankle pains caused by strains, sprains or overworked muscles. Although ice pack relief is usually not enough for more serious ankle injuries, they provide comfort and relief during initial impact and during the recovery process.

What makes an effective ankle ice pack?

For ankle cold therapy to be most effective, ordinary therapy with ice cubes fall short for many reasons. Even if you use a towel to wrap ice before application on the ankle, the shape of the ankle makes the traditional process very inconvenient for the patient and for the person administering the cold therapy. For an ankle ice pack to be efficient, it must encompass the entire ankle area and give even, steady cooling for 15 to 20 minutes. Only ice packs designed specifically for the ankle area can provide this kind of relief.

ThermaFreeze Ankle Ice Packs Can Help

ThermaFreeze ankle ice packs bring you all the wonderful benefits of targeted cold therapy for relieving difficult ankle pain. They are designed to be flexible, even when frozen, so they can mold to the unique sharp curve of the ankles. The superior flexibility allows them to cover even the front of the ankle for anterior ankle pains. They are best paired with ice wraps for maximum convenience. Ankle ice packs can also be used for alleviating shoulder, thigh, back and elbow injuries. Make sure to keep one or two of these ice packs handy for those unexpected ankle pains, muscle pulls and sports injuries.

ThermaFreeze ankle ice packs are guaranteed high-quality and made from the finest, non-toxic, most durable materials. They stay cold up to four times longer than ordinary ice pack brands to provide you the relief your ankle needs. ThermaFreeze ankle ice packs provide immediate ankle relief without the discomfort and mess ordinary ice gives.