ThermaFreeze Products Corporation
Manufacturers of the Ultimate Reusable Ice Solution.

Who we are:

We are the manufacturer and distributor of the unique hydratable ice sheet, ThermaFreeze, the Ultimate Reusable Ice Solution. With a broad range of applications, ThermaFreeze has many advantages over the other competitors in the market. Devoted to customer service, ThermaFreeze Products Corporation is a solutions-oriented manufacturer with a high standard of quality.

We work with our customers and vendors to develop solutions and pioneer new products to suit needs in many different industries.

With our ability to outperform the competition, perform in-house validation services and create custom tailored products and solutions to fit almost any need, ThermaFreeze delivers consistently time and again.

Proudly made locally here in the USA and shipped globally.

What makes us the best?

Well, that depends on who you are comparing us to! With so many applications and more being discovered all the time, ThermaFreeze excels compared to so many other products! Compared to traditional gel packs, ThermaFreeze offers:

  • Higher performance- Colder, Faster, Longer!
  • Flexibility- in so many ways!
  • Two-sided structure- for enhanced applications (see Duality)!
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous composition!
  • ECO-Friendly!
  • Patented!
  • FDA approved!
  • Durability and Reusability!
  • Compact storage-ability!
  • Little inbound weight equals low inbound freight costs!
  • Water conservation benefits!
  • Colorful designs and fun patterns!
  • And much more!

A Brief History

The original concept of super-absorbents contained within pockets arranged in a sheet was conceived in the late 1980’s to battle polluted water puddles from ice and fish exudates in air cargo compartments. Not long after that, the concept for a flexible ice sheet developed naturally. After 10 years of product and machinery development, ThermaFreeze was born in 1997. It was immediately apparent that ThermaFreeze was ahead of the competition, in that all the materials that went into the product were lightweight, readily flexible when frozen and ThermaFreeze pads could remain frozen 25% longer than an equal weight of gel packs in the same conditions.

In the 15 years following the creation of ThermaFreeze, the product has been developing into an even more efficient and higher performing product. In 2010, ThermaFreeze was a featured item on QVC, a home shopping network, where it has performed very well for the past five years. From there, ThermaFreeze has grown to become a household name and can be found in lunch boxes and coolers all over the US. In 2013 the production facility merged with the corporate office, and both moved to Northern New Jersey. Now servicing the US and the world, in 2014 we welcomed ThermaFreeze South Africa and ThermaFreeze Europe to the ThermaFreeze family. Proudly made locally and shipped globally.