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ThermaFreeze FOURS - Ice Sheets

ThermaFreeze has developed another FANTASTIC product to provide solutions to customers looking for even higher performance levels. The NEW ThermaFreeze Fours are designed to provide TWICE the cooling power in the same amount of space as the original product. Whether used in coolers or perishable shipping, we’ve seen performance increases of over 50% in comparison to the Original ThermaFreeze.

ThermaFreeze Fours originated from a simple “bigger is better” concept from customer feedback and requests for larger Therma-Cubes. While not as flexible for wrapping smaller items, the new fours are wonderful when working in conjunction with our original ThermaFreeze. While Fours can stand alone in any environment, to achieve great results use the Fours on the top and bottom of any arrangement and wrap individual items with original sheets. Now available in two retail packages depending on your need, we offer a 4 pack which gives you 12 pounds of ThermaFreeze as well as a Cooler Pack designed to work with most common coolers and provide unparalleled performance. (For extra large coolers, more than one cooler pack may be necessary.)

Try some today and “Feel the power of the FOURS!”

Industry Testimonial:

“These products are now directly competitive with much larger and harder to use gel pack options. Maintaining the standards of quality and reusability ThermaFreeze is known for, these new bigger hydratable gel packs still have the capacity to wrap around a payload to maximize the effect of the refrigerant.”

Volume Users and Commercial Shippers, please contact us directly for further information.